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Fitness Centre : Personal Training

Personal Training Sessions for Members

All members are eligible for FREE Personal Training Sessions. The main goal of this orientations is to assist members towards their goals. This will include an initial meeting with a Certified Fitness Leader and the member will receive an introduction to their program design such as how to use the cardio equipment and/or some exercises to practice until their next visit with the instructor. This should allow the member to use the facility and to do an initial program with competence. At any time a member is eligible for a follow up to check form, add exercises and confirm understanding of progression.

To book an appointment with a Fitness Trainer please contact your Membership Services at 250-562-9341.

Pilot project: Small Group Personal Training Registered

It’s the new year and you have an opportunity to reach your goals with low ratio of instructor vs. participant.  The benefit of small group personal training is that you will have complete attention of an instructor who will be assessing your individual needs and designing programs that will get you results. Using interesting and effective equipment such as Torque TANK, Kettle bells, TRX Rip trainers and more will be introduced.  Share the services of a personal trainer with 3 or 4 people save the cost of one-on-one.  

Tuesday January 10 - March 7 5:45pm-6:45pm Members: $86 Non-Member: $125

One-On-One Personal Training

Have your very own fitness trainer 2 or 3 days a week to put you through a personalized fitness program. This program is suitable for individuals striving to achieve their fitness goals but requiring extra guidance, support, and motivation.

Package of 6 Sessions Member: $209
Package of 6 Sessions - SENIOR Member: $142
Package of 6 Sessions - for a Group (2-5 people) Member: $255
Package of 12 Sessions Member: $390

To book an appointment, please contact your Membership Services at 250-562-9341.

Fitness Assessment

Wondering if you are making any progress with your workout? It is wise to measure your fitness level to help you set realistic goals and track your successes. This assessment will evaluate your body fat, BMI, strength, endurance, flexibility, power and cardiovascular endurance.

To book a one hour evaluation and goal-setting session please contact Shannon Johnson at 250-562-9341 x. 110.

Body Composition Assessment: Member: $31
(includes re-assessment)
Non-Member: $36
Full Assessment: Member: $46 Non-Member: $66

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