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Fitness Centre : Classes

The YMCA of Northern BC offers over 70 Group Fitness classes every week, so there is a class for every interest and every fitness level! Whether you want to sneak in some cardio, stretch or build and tone muscle first thing in the morning, on your lunch break there are always plenty of options! Our enthusiastic instructors and the motivation of a group atmosphere will make you leave feeling great and wanting more!

Download the Group Fitness Schedule here for times and locations

Cardio Classes

Our cardio classes range from low to high impact and intensity to provide every fitness level with a fun and effective way to stay fit and healthy!


Engage the entire body in a combination of movements that will challenge both your range of motion and cardiovascular health- plus you’ll have just as much fun as you did in the 80s!

Belly Dance

Whether you are new to this art form or have danced for years,  belly dancing enhances weight-transfer and balance, improves grace and posture, and is down-right FUN! It can also be quite a work-out and can look very exotic.  So grab a hip scarf and come shimmy with Irina, meet fun-loving folks, and most importantly have fun through Wiggles & Giggles!


A one-stop-shop! Tone you core with use of the Bosu while you sweat with a dynamic cardio set that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and toned. 

Cardio Box

A high-energy cardio class that incorporates various martial arts movements and athletic drills in a non-contact program. Punch, kick and skip your way to your best fitness

Cycle Fit

An energetic and powerful ride on our indoor cycling bikes, filled with a combination of drills which include hills, intervals and time trials

Learn to Run (R)

A fundamental introduction to the art of running in a motivating group setting designed to encourage and challenge runners of all abilities

Lunch Power Walk - COMING APRIL 2017

Are you ready to start walking?  Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise. All you need is a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothing, and great company.
Power walking is for everybody whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete and has everything you need to keep you fit strong and healthy. It is simple and enjoyable!!

Pound (R)

An energizing, toning and rockin’ workout in which participants use drumming to become a part of the music to sweat and sculpt!

Simply Step

An encouraging novice alternative to our traditional program that uses simple steps to allow participants to focus on form, low impact and learn basic choreography!


An upbeat choreographed cardio class that uses a step for high impact to sculpt while you sweat

Trail Running (R)*

A clinic designed to add new scenery, variety and natural challenges to your runs while discovering the extensive trail system in and around Prince George!  *It is recommended that participants are comfortable to complete a 5km run

Strength Training Classes

We have a strength training option for every body and fitness level to increase your strength and endurance, sculpt and tone your muscles and rev your metabolism.


A total body interval workout with a variety of strength, interval, MET, HIIT and TRX/RIP to rev your metabolism and condition your entire body.


A functional head-to-toe body conditioning using body weight resistance on a Total Gym incline trainer’s dynamic cable pulley system.


A motivating combination of traditional barbell training exercises matched to top hit music to create a fun and efficient way to strength train. You’ve never had this much fun lifting weights!

Stroller Bootcamp - COMING APRIL 2017

Stroller bootcamp is a boot camp style class that's incorporates cardio, interval and strength training using your body weight as well as your babies! This class is a total body workout while incorporating your baby and stroller. 

Strong by Zumba

High intensity training, syncing music and strength moves, delivering an effective,  total body workout.  Music is the driving force to work hard and see results. Strong provides an intensity progression system; biomechanics and movement fundamentals are applied for injury prevention.

TRX Suspension Training

A core engaging alternative to traditional strength training- TRX is a total-body workout that will strengthen all major muscles while giving the best core training your abs have ever seen!

Dance Classes

Our dance classes are full of energy, encouragement and fun! Groove, hustle, boogie and laugh your way to fit!

Y - Barre

A unique muscle conditioning class that uses the ballet bar to build self awareness, tone and balance, just like a dancer.


A high-energy, Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that will have you addicted! Dance away the calories and let loose!


Yoga and Stretch Classes*

Yoga practice creates balance in both the mind and body, revitalizing your spirit while building breathing, strength and flexibility.


A dynamic unity of Pilates and yoga designed to challenge, strengthen and stabilize your core and increase vitality.

Fusion Sculpt & Strength

A complete body blend of Fusion and strength exercises using a combination of equipment and body weight to focus on strengthening and sculpting stabilizing muscles.

Hatha Yoga

A gentle introduction to classic postures, breathing and relaxation.

Mindful Yoga

A calming, mindful attention to breath, embodied awareness and yoga movement to help with chronic tightness, stress resilience and emotional regulation.

Restorative Yoga (R)

A gentle practice for those with chronic pain, injury or illness to allow deep breathing, deep cleansing and rejuvenation.

Stretch & Relaxation

Join a soothing atmosphere devoted to releasing tight muscles as well as focusing on relaxing through breathing. Together we will find relaxation of your mind and body.


A basic foundation and peaceful approach to improve strength and flexibility.


A gradual muscle component to traditional practice to challenge and improve strength and stability of various muscle groups, upper body, core and lower body.

Yoga for Everybody

A modified journey through poses for maturing bodies to strengthen, stretch and range of motion, including a fifteen minute Pranayama.

*Please bring a personal Yoga mat

Express Classes

An array of faced-paced and high-intensity classes designed for an efficient, total body workout.

Cardio Express

Sweat your way to a better day with this 30 minute, fun, calorie burning cardio workout incorporating a variety of athletic drills.

Super Circuit

An interval-based circuit method of cardio and strength that utilizes cycle bikes, machines every muscle group for an efficient tone and sweat!

Interval Sculpt

A high-intensity boot camp interval training that alternates cardio and strength using a variety of equipment, including body weight, bands, toning balls and free weights to sculpt all muscle groups in a short amount of time!

Lunch Crunch

A powerful fusion of core and lower body designed to tone and build muscle with enough time to make it back to the office!

(R): Registered class. Participants must register in advance as spaces are limited.

Note: Many classes require equipment and props. We require you to sign-up at the Membership Services desk a half hour before class time to ensure space and equipment. Please see our schedules page for when these Group Fitness classes are located.

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