Saturday, August 19, 2017

Child Care

Early Learning

When constructing a house, a properly built foundation is vital to the value and long life of the structure. If the foundation is weak, the house will face a variety of problems that will affect its wellbeing - quality is compromised and may even be dangerous.

Healthy early child development operates the same way, serving as the foundation for your child’s entry into school and beyond. The first three years of a child’s life is critical to brain development – during those years the brain TRIPLES its weight and establishes thousands of billions of nerve connections! This is THE time to build the foundation of your child's journey.

...Research findings from neuroscience explicitly inform us that by age three most of the developmental processes of the brain are complete (McCain & Mustard, 1999; Mustard, 2002; Young, 2002)...

Licensed Preschool

It is a fact among childhood experts that children are much better prepared for Kindergarten - and later life - if they attend a high quality Preschool program.

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Licensed 0-5 Years

Check out our our Licensed School Age Care program where we use the national "Playing to Learn" curriculum which provides a foundation of learning through creative play.

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Neighbourhood Scholars

This innovative, early childhood learning literacy program continues to build kindergarten preparedness for local children.

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