Saturday, August 19, 2017

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The YMCA of Northern BC is a charity dedicated to strengthening the foundations of community.

Who We Are

Rooted in over 1,000 communities around the country, the YMCA has the long-standing relationships and physical presence not just to promise, but to deliver, lasting personal and social change. Today we make a commitment to supporting Northern BC families as they re-connect and get active by providing a safe, healthy and affordable environment.


The YMCA is a leading Canadian charity! When you give to the YMCA of Northern BC, you have a direct impact in Prince George by supporting essential programs for children, families and seniors. To learn more about our fund-raising campaigns and ways you can give gifts of time, talent or treasure by clicking here.

"Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it's addressed to someone else." ~ Ivern Ball

Today, Canada is facing a health crisis unlike any other in recent history. Every day we are bombarded by thousands of studies and research reports that confirm what we see all around us – declining physical activity levels, reduced opportunity for physical activity, growing obesity rates and other critical health issues, and disconnected families as a result of our busy lifestyles.

A generation ago, childhood obesity was a relatively rare concern; many of us will remember only one overweight, unathletic kid in the classroom when we were children. Regular physical activity was a part of our lives as children; most of us grew up engaging in the traditional childhood activities like kick-the-can, organized recreation, sports and simple play. What is the difference for children and families today?

  • Youth are spending eight hours a day in front of a television or computer screen.
  • Only 7% of Canadian children get the recommended level of physical activity (sixty minutes per day).
  • 6% of children aged 2 – 5 and 9% of children aged of 6 – 17 are overweight or obese; odds are, as obese adults they will struggle with sedentary diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

We know that childhood obesity is complex: genetics, socioeconomic factors and gender all play a role. But we also know this… kids love to play and be active. Given the choice, 92% of children prefer playing with friends over watching television and 74% want to be active after school. However, the opportunities for children to be active are not as available as they used to be. Whether it is access to physical activity programs, busy lifestyles or the safety concerns of admittedly overprotective parents, physical activity is not as accessible as it used to be when today's parents were children.

The YMCA of Northern BC has seen the writing on the wall. The YMCA membership supports active, healthy children and encourage Northern BC families to get active, live healthy, and spend quality time together.

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