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YMCA Stories & Champions

Share Your Y Story:

We want to hear your Y Story; how have we impacted you and your family.

Do you have an awesome Camp Kanannaq story, have you made healthy life choices because of the Y, or maybe your children have grown up in our Child Care programs - whatever the story, we want to hear it!

You can submit your Y Story by filling out the submissions form below or download this form and send it by fax or email,or dropping it off at the YMCA.
250-562-2954 - email: myYstory(at)

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Past Y Champions

What is a Y Champion?

Northern BC is full of people who somehow represent the image of a Y Champion. From children to grandparents, true Champions of all ages, genders, sizes and backgrounds can be found in the communities of the north.

In fact, we're all Y Champions!

Some examples:
  • A fitness volunteer who gives time to create inspiring workouts for our members
  • A teenager who is part of the Youth Leadership Corps that is learning to give back to society
  • A social worker who advocates for women dealing with violence
  • A little girl who uses the REC Room to spend time bonding with her mom
  • A business owner who donates to Healthy Kids Day
  • A single parent who uses the assisted membership to give her family the benefit of health

There is no limit to the type of person who is considered to be a Y Champion. Chances are, you already know a few individuals that match the description. We have been fortunate to get to know the stories behind some of these inspiring people. This page will allow you to learn about some of their amazing qualities.

Click on any image below to meet one of our Y Champions!

» Sarah's Story

» Paula's Story

» Jane's Story

Dan Wingham Thumbnail

Dan Wingham

Lori Seebach Thumbnail

Lori Seebach

Roger Plouffe Thumbnail

Roger Plouffe


Jeff Walsh Thumbnail

Jeff Walsh

Pat Flack Thumbnail

Pat Flack

Sharon Pepper Thumbnail

Sharon Pepper


Kim James Thumbnail

Kim James

Rob Traxler Thumbnail

Rob Traxler

Veronica Bock Thumbnail

Veronica Bock


Stephanie Mikalishen Thumbnail

Stephanie Mikalishen

Willis Vincent Thumbnail

Willis Vincent

Amanda Lindquist Thumbnail

Amanda Lindquist


Andrea Dokuchie

Andrèa Dokuchie

Beth Weninger

Beth Weninger

Kirsten Tennant

Kirsten Tennant


Justin Osterhout

Justin Osterhout

Krista Morrison

Krista Morrison

Stacey Napier

Stacey Napier


Zenzë Stanley-Jones

Zenzë Stanley-Jones

Laura Buchanan

Laura Buchanan

Zëanna Stanley-Jones

Zëanna Stanley-Jones


David Lenton

David Lenton

Y Champion Logo

Nic Duncan

Nic Duncan




Amanda Andrèa Beth Kirsten
Justin Krista Stacey Zenzë
Laura Zëanna David Nic

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